Don’t Get Soaked

Wild weather is in the news more than ever. Day after day, storms, floods, washouts and water damage of every kind happen here and around the world. And springtime gets more than its fair share of these events. Yet, when asked, about a third of us are not sure what kind of flood/water insurance we have – or even need. It’s too late to wonder after the deed is done. So, now is the time to get your ducks in a row – before you’re faced with wallet-draining damage.

Did you know that, in Canada, water damage accounts for well over a billion dollars in insurance claims every year? That translates into a lot of ruined flooring, furniture, photos, electronics, and priceless family items. Never just assume that your homeowners’ insurance covers floods, leaks, sewer back-ups, or other water damage. Because that’s usually not the case. Most water damage coverage must be specifically named in your policy, and not all policies are created equal. Can you afford not to be sure about yours? And how do you know what kind of water coverage you need?

Just call Steers. Our new, easy-to-understand Waterproof Coverage™ is designed with flexibility and options – like combined overland flood and sewer back-up coverage. Competitively priced and backed by our hassle-free claims policy, Waterproof Coverage™ provides the peace of mind you and your family need in our changing climate. Got questions? We’ve got answers – and are happy to talk with you, anytime, to discuss your individual needs.

So, don’t wait until it’s too late – get water wise today – and have a worry-free Spring, no matter what the weather!