Waterproof Coverage

Sewer backup (water that backs up into the home from a sewer line) is a common option for coverage with most insurance policies. However, an exterior flood (from a storm or overflowing eaves, downspouts, or drains) that flows into the house is generally not covered. That’s why RSA developed Waterproof Coverage.™ With Waterproof, you get the choice of one affordable coverage that’s clear and easy to understand.

Options for WaterProof Coverage™

Waterproof Coverage™

Offers enhanced protection against damage caused by storm activity and flooding, eaves, downspouts, drains, and sewer backup. Most home policies do not cover such damage.

Sewer back up coverage only

This limited version of RSA’s sewer backup coverage, for homeowners who want to keep their premiums as low as possible. With this coverage, only damage caused by sewer backup, septic, or sump losses are covered.

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* Waterproof Coverage™ does not protect you from floods related to saltwater, tsunami, dam breaks or a coastal flood.