Boat Insurance

Boat insurance protects you in ways similar to your home and auto insurance. You’ll be covered if someone is injured on your boat or if your boat sustains physical damage. You can also choose coverage that will protect you from vandalism or theft.

How is boat insurance different from home and auto?

Your home is always in the same spot, so it is always covered by home insurance. Your car is always on the move, so it is always covered by auto insurance. Another way that boat insurance differs from auto or home insurance is that there are navigational limits placed on how far from home you can travel in your boat and still be covered. Certain waters may be excluded for security reasons. Ask one of our insurance brokers what your navigational limits are so you can be sure you’re covered when you’re out on the water.

Boats that are covered by boaters’ insurance

BowridersCabin Cruisers
Sport-fishing BoatsTrawlers

Additional coverage options

Uninsured boater or vessel coverageWatersports liability coverage
Pet companion coveragePersonal effects coverage
Emergency assistanceLoss of use coverage
Accidental dental benefitMedical payments

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