Tenants’ Insurance

What are my options?

A homeowner’s policy with Steers Insurance may include coverage for your child while they are enrolled as a student, at no additional cost. Certain restrictions apply, so contact your local Steers Insurance representative to see if this is an option for you. If coverage is not extended from your existing policy, consider Tenants’ Insurance. You can also save on up to 15% on Tenants’ Insurance by combining it with your existing automobile insurance. It might seem unnecessary to purchase insurance for a rental property, but you will be happy you did.

Why does my rental need coverage?

A landlord has no responsibility to replace personal possessions in the event of a theft, fire, or flood. Any assets on the property that are lost – computers, TV, furniture, books – will need to be fixed or replaced out of your own pocket. Even if your teen doesn’t have many possessions, things like second-hand furniture might not seem like a huge investment, but will be costly to replace all at once.

What else is covered?

Liability Insurance is included in a Tenants’ Insurance policy. Liability Insurance coverage protects the tenant in the event they are found legally liable for damage to property that they do not own. For example, if the stove caught fire and caused damage to the whole building, you may be held liable. Without Liability Insurance, you could be responsible for that cost.

How Steers can help

Steers Insurance can help you find the right Tenants’ Insurance coverage for your needs. Our dedicated team has been providing home and renter’s insurance coverage to individuals and families in our province for almost 100 years. As members of your community, we have a unique understanding of the challenges you face and your insurance needs. Request a quote online, call us at 1-877-478-3377, or contact us online.