Winter Flooding and Insurance

In January we reminded our customers about how to avoid winter flooding, but what if you take every precaution and still end up flooded? We want you, and your family, to be protected if the worst does happen. 

  • Check to see if your policy has waterproof insurance. If it doesn’t, consider adding it to your home insurance before a flood is imminent. 
  • Review your current insurance policy and become familiar with what is and is not covered.
  • If you live near a body of water, make a flood plan – plan evacuation routes and keep important papers in a safe, waterproof place.
  • Itemize and take pictures of possessions should you need to replace anything.

If you’re unsure about your policy, or want to add waterproof coverage to your existing policy, call your Steers Insurance representative today at 1-877-478-3377, or find your local Steers office here.