Snow and Ice are Coming to Town…

Let’s face it, there’s simply nowhere better to be when a blizzard is brewing, than curled up in front of your fireplace, safe at home. But in order for our home to take care of us, we also must take care of it. So, do regular inspections around your home, especially after high winds and harsh weather. Make any needed repairs right away –don’t wait til spring. Here’s a winter check-list to help get you started:

Gut out the Gutters – ice dams can form in cluttered gutters along your eaves, creating the possibility of water backing up into your home, causing thousands of dollars in damages. Consider installing gutter guards to prevent debris from getting back in.

Attend to your Attic – Ensure your attic is well ventilated and your attic floor is well insulated.

Secure your Shingles – Well-maintained, secure shingles are essential to prevent costly roof leaks caused by shifting ice and snow.

Fill in the Cracks – literally. A tiny crack in your brickwork or concrete can become a huge problem if you don’t fill it as soon as it occurs.

Prepare your Pipes – Especially those in your attic, crawl spaces, and outside walls. Keep your pipes from freezing by using insulation sleeves and properly filling in wire and cable holes in your home’s exterior.

Safeguard Your Heat Sources – Ensure proper ventilation around fireplaces, stoves and space heaters, and keep them away from all flammable materials. Check your smoke detectors frequently, and have your furnace, boilers and fireplaces professionally serviced, yearly.

Fend Off a Flood – Shovel excess snow away from doorways and basement windows and, to be safe, keep valuable items off the basement floor.

Don’t Trip Up – Keep your property safe for you and your visitors. Sand or salt icy walkways, trim trees and clear debris as it occurs.

Enjoy all the comforts of home, this winter. For more information on these or any other home protection topics, give Steers a call. Because helping to keep our customers protected, is always in season.