Pet Insurance: Protect the Health of Every Member of Your Family

Pets are an important part of the family. Their health concerns can weigh on the hearts of your entire family, but they can also cause a huge strain on your home finances. An accident involving your pet can easily cost $1000 or more. While you want the best for your pet, the reality of high veterinary bills can sometimes leave you in a situation where you have to make sudden decisions you would rather not.

The good news is that pet insurance options can provide you with the safety net you need to protect your furry family members from unexpected health complications and risks. Steers Insurance, with Pets Plus Us, offers several flexible and affordable coverage options for pet owners in St. John’s.

Pet Insurance Coverage You Can Count On

Research has shown that up to 90% of veterinary expenses can happen in the last 10% of your pet’s life. Just like human life insurance, the older your pet is, the more likely it is that they may have pre-existing conditions that will be excluded from coverage. Insuring your pet early in their life not only protects them longer, but will also help you get the best coverage possible. Pets Plus Us does not base premiums on age. Your pet’s current health and medical history are what will be taken into account when determining the rate and premiums for your pet insurance.

With Pets Plus Us insurance coverage, the cost of your premiums will only ever be raised due to veterinary inflation. Any rate changes will take effect on your anniversary date, if at all. You can rest assured that we don’t raise premiums based on claims or the pet’s age. We also guarantee that we will insure your pet regardless of the amount of claims you make, as long as your premiums are up-to-date. We call this the Pets Plus Us 4Life Guarantee.

Do you have a new puppy that you have welcomed to the clan, or an older cat that is getting on in years? No matter what kind of pet is part of your family, now is the perfect time to protect their well-being with a comprehensive and reliable pet insurance plan from Steers Insurance.

As members of your family, we understand that your pet’s health and happiness are important to you. We offer a range of insurance options to protect all the most important things in your life. Come to us for home insurance and auto insurance in Newfoundland or ask about bundling your pet insurance policy with an existing policy today.

For a quote or to purchase coverage, please contact us today. If you have more questions about our insurance services, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-478-3377 or contact us online to learn more.