Paws For Thought

We love our pets. They make our lives better, just by being themselves. They are, without a doubt, part of the family. But just like any other member of the family, they can fall ill or have an accident, when we least expect it. Unfortunately, however, veterinarian services and medicines are not covered by MCP. And, as most any pet-owner can attest, their medical care can be extremely expensive. That’s why Steers offers Pets Plus Us pet insurance. Its benefits include:

  • Helping to protect you against unexpected medical costs;
  • Making it easier for veterinarians to provide optimal care for your pet;
  • Helping to free pet owners from having to make a financial decision to end a pet’s life due to inability to pay for needed treatments;
  • Allowing earliest opportunity to seek medical treatment for your pet;
  • Providing a plan for the costs of routine and, in some cases, preventive care;
  • Assisting you to help your pets live a healthier and sometimes longer life.

Pets Plus Us is available in three different plans: Accident, Accident and Illness, and Wellness Care – a pro-active plan and helps with the cost of preventive care. Whichever plan is right for you and your pet, the earlier you apply, the better. And with Pets Plus Us, as long as premiums are paid, your pet is covered for life. It’s our promise to you.

So, protect your pet this summer… and for all the seasons of his or her life. Visit our Pets Plus Us website, or call 1-877-4-STEERS, and talk with a representative today. We’ll help you make the right choice for your best friend. Because, just like you, we love our pets too.