Home Maintenance Matters

Ah, Springtime. The grass, the rain…and the gutters! Yes, it’s true that the season of rebirth is also the season of repairs. The time of year when we venture outside to survey what needs to be done.

To help you get through it your to-do list, we’ve compiled some tips for your home maintenance tasks, so you can roll up your sleeves and tackle whatever winter left in its wake.

  • Get your mind IN the gutter. Your eavestrough is a serious collector of leaves and general gunk. Check for granules at the bottom that could signify your roof needs replacement or repair.

  • Don’t let the Spring rain in. Look for curled and missing shingles, rusted or cracked caulking around pipes, skylights, chimney, etc. (tip: you can inspect many roofs with a pair of binoculars).

  • Trim the tree(s). Overhanging limbs can cause moisture to accumulate on the roof and siding. Ideally, try to keep branches 5-7 feet from a building.

  • Clear the way. To prevent slips, trips, and falls, now is the time to fix uneven or cracked walkways and clear away any branches or other debris that’s sneaked onto your property.
  • Seal it up. Check seals around all windows, doors, and foundations, and repair as necessary to help keep out water and cold drafts. Condensation between window panes means the seal has been damaged and needs repair or replacement.

  • Vent it out. Not all lint gets caught in your dryer’s lint trap. For fire safety, check and clear the outside vent at least twice a year.

  • Don’t sleep on the sweep. Have your chimney cleaned to clear any creosote that could cause a chimney fire.

  • Don’t spring a leak! Now is the perfect time to check washer, dishwasher, and air conditioner hoses to avoid any water damage.

  • Don’t forget the paint. Use a pressure hose to spray your siding and loosen any chipped paint. Prevent wood from rotting by promptly repainting all exposed areas.

So, spring into action!

Just a few hours of maintenance is all it takes to get your home in shape for the upcoming swimsuit season. And by the way, this is the ideal time to review your insurance needs to reflect any recent changes in your family or property. Steers is here – rain or shine – with friendly, expert answers to any questions that may spring up.