Colour The Season Safe…

Fall, in all its green, gold and red glory, is well under way. While Autumn can be beautiful to behold, it also brings its own challenges. So, take the time to prepare for the added driving dangers that come with the season, using the following check-list – and be ready to enjoy all the colourful miles ahead.

  1. Get a Vision Test. Some people need a different prescription for night driving. Make sure your eyesight is at its best.
  2. Prepare Your Chariot. Now is the ideal to check brakes, battery, wipers, fluids and tires. Replace anything that’s questionable.
  3. Make an Emergency Kit. At a minimum your kit should include water, non-perishable protein-rich snack items, flashlight, candle and matches, blanket, first-aid kit, jumper cables, fire extinguisher, utility knife, whistle, warning light, sand or non-clumping kitty litter, and a shovel.
  4. Charge it! Have your cell phone fully charged and handy. It can be invaluable in an emergency.
  5. Keep it Crystal Clear. Ensure all leaves, ice and condensation are cleared from your windows before you go. Do not attempt to see through a small patch.
  6. Turn on the Lights. Days are getting shorter now, so from just before dusk to just after dawn make sure school children, joggers, and other motorists can see you clearly at all times.
  7. Keep Your Distance. Wet leaves on the road can be as slippery and dangerous as ice! And autumn roads can be unexpectedly icy – so keep at least 3 seconds behind the car ahead of you.
  8. Be Moose Aware. Fall is a particularly common time for moose accidents in our Province. Slow down – and if you think you see an animal ahead, be prepared to stop. Honk your horn – and stay in control of your vehicle. Do not swerve into oncoming traffic.

Being prepared is your surest way to safely navigate the road ahead. Remember – you are in control. Your Steers Representative will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to help ensure your insurance coverage is the right fit for you as you drive into our colourful harvest season.