You’re About to Enter…the Construction Zone

There’s a joke that Newfoundland has exactly two seasons: Winter and Construction Season. It’s true that, given our short summers, it sometimes seem like there’s hardly a road that isn’t being paved, painted, torn up or laid down. As frustrating as it may be to encounter so many construction zones in our daily travels, it’s important to keep in mind that these slow-downs make it possible for us to get around all through the year. And it’s even more important to remember to carefully follow the laws that are in place to protect the men and women who work on our roads. When it comes to a showdown between a human being and several thousand pounds of metal, there’s no contest. It’s up to all of us, as drivers, to ensure the safety of our Province’s road workers.

So, knowing that construction slow-downs are inevitable at this time of year, be sure to allow plenty of extra time for travelling. When you see construction warning signs, slow down and be prepared for sudden stops. Patience is essential.

Posted speed limits, traffic signs and lights in construction zones are enforceable by law. Failure to comply can, at worst, cause injury or death; and, at best, result in hefty fines. Right now, in this Province, the cost for speeding in a construction zone is double that of a normal fine. That translates into a maximum fine of up to $1,500.00 for a first offence. And that’s without causing an accident or injury.

When approaching a construction zone, always:

Slow down. Obey ALL signs and directions.
Stay alert. Do not talk or text on your phone, use navigation equipment, or take pictures.
Show respect for those working on the road.

Road construction workers perform an essential public service that helps ensure our future travels are safer, easier and more efficient. So, we’d like to tip our hats to the women and men who do this important work and offer a reminder to everyone that Steers is here with friendly, expert advice on insurance matters both on – and off – the road. So, take a moment this construction season, and steer for Steers.