We’re fluent in insurance.

We’re excited to share our new marketing campaign — Brokers to the rescue.

We wanted to develop a campaign that would speak to Newfoundlanders and Labradorians on an emotional level, and show some of the personality and dedication that set us apart from our competition. Something that would remind our audience that Steers is the best local option for home, auto and commercial insurance in the province.

Brokers to the rescue is our homage to the kind of television shows we grew up on. Shows like Baywatch, where heroes and Speedos lived in harmony. Because having a Steers broker by your side to navigate the insurance landscape is like having your own personal lifeguard – always there to watch out for you, and ready when you need us the most.

While we’ve taken cues from Baywatch, including a custom theme song in the style of the era, we’ve also placed brokers (and their offices) directly ‘on the ground’ as a way to say – we’re really, really local.

The lifeguard station is a familiar icon, and shows what we do in an unexpected and memorable way. Our brokers are diligently watching out for our customers from atop that big red chair (metaphorically though, we do get real desks). We’re always scanning the horizon for the best coverage and rates. Always there to take care of insurance headaches when they arise. 

Steers has been serving the insurance needs of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians for nearly 100 years. We’re proud of our heritage and our local footprint, as well as our reputation for exceptional customer service, and that we’re the only independently owned brokerage in the province.

To learn more about Steers or to request a quote for your insurance, contact us today at 1 877 478 3377