Travel Insurance for Travelling in Winter

Who doesn’t want to jet to a tropical island? Especially this winter, which feels like it’s lasted 300 years already.

As many of us know, however, flying during winter can be subject to weather delays. 

Travel insurance keeps you protected, whether you’re stuck in a different city for a few nights, or you fall ill while away. Plus, ask us if you could be earning Air Miles on your home and auto premium, so you have Air Miles to use when you do decide to travel!

  • If you suddenly fall sick while out of the country, or even out-of-province, travel insurance will allow you to seek treatment at a moderate rate compared to healthcare rates in other areas.
  • If weather means you can’t safely fly, you might need to cancel your trip. Flight cancellation coverage can help you when you have to cancel your travel for a covered reason, such as a recent government-issued travel advisory. A broad range of trip cancellation reasons provides some flexibility when sudden and unexpected situations arise.
  • If you experience trip cancellations, trip interruptions or trip delays because of a snow storm, it is unlikely you can purchase insurance after the storm has been reported. As well, an airline is unlikely to provide compensation in this circumstance.
  • While your provincial health care plan provides some coverage for emergency medical costs outside of Canada, it is limited. 
  • Travel insurance can provide assistance during an unplanned layover, or can help cover the cost of meals or lost luggage.

Read about the types of travel insurance offered by Steers Insurance, or review our handy Questions and Answers page. You can always contact your local Steers representative to find out more.