Our Back to School Tenants’ Insurance Guide

It’s hard to believe the new school year is already here. And for many of us, it’s even harder to believe some of our kids are already old enough to move out and begin the next phase of their lives. But whether they’re heading off to school or moving into their own place, you can still protect them. With tenant insurance, you can make sure your kids – and their belongings – are protected no matter where their first steps into adulthood take them.

Why do I need tenant insurance?

We all remember what a busy day for a student is like: running between classes, staying up late, studying, plus lots and lots of coffee. It’s easy for accidents to happen when you have a lot on your mind.

Minor accidents like leaving the tap running and causing water damage aren’t that far-fetched. A landlord isn’t responsible for any of their tenant’s belongings that are stored in or on the property. And even if the fault is caused by a third party, the tenant is still responsible for replacing all their own assets.

You might be wondering if your kids even own anything valuable enough to be worth protecting. But think of everything that’s inside their rental home, like their textbooks, clothing, electronics, and décor. Even second-hand furniture starts to become expensive when you consider having to replace each item.

What does tenant insurance protect me against?

Financial costs

Tenant insurance protects you financially against any damage or loss of personal property inside of your rental home, either from an accident or unlucky incident. For instance, say a pipe bursts and floods the basement: tenant insurance will cover all the financial implications associated with the damages.

Living expenses

If your child is unable to continue living in their residence, tenant insurance covers the living expenses associated with a temporary relocation. For example, if a fire causes smoke damage to their home, they might have to move into a hotel for several weeks. Tenant insurance will cover hotel fees, plus meal costs and any other required living expenses until the proper repairs are complete.


For even the most diligent of students, socializing is a big part of campus life. Which is why it’s important to think about what could happen if your child hosts a get-together and a visitor injures themselves. If they choose to seek legal compensation, your child could be held responsible. Tenant insurance protects them from situations like this by providing financial support in the event of property or bodily harm.

Steers can help

At Steers Insurance, we can help you find the best tenant insurance coverage for your child’s needs. And better yet: if you already have a home insurance policy with us and have a child enrolled in a post-secondary institution, tenant insurance might already be included at no additional cost.

Still wavering? It may seem unnecessary to purchase insurance for a rental property, but you will be happy that you did. You can also save up to 20% on Tenant’s Insurance by combining it with your existing automobile insurance.

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