Take Control of the Wheel in Road Construction Zones

From eight feet of snow to heavy rains, the roads across Newfoundland and Labrador endure some pretty rough elements. To keep them safe and pothole free, our roads require a lot of annual attention. 

With summer just around the corner, road crews will be out in full force to try and improve road conditions and update existing infrastructure. While this is good news for tires everywhere, it can increase travel headaches and potential driving hazards. Next time you’re travelling through a construction zone, be prepared and follow these tips to keep everyone safe.

Stay Alert and Minimize Distractions

When you’re behind the wheel, dedicate your full attention to driving, especially when you’re approaching or driving through a construction zone. Looking away to change the radio station or grab a quick snack could have catastrophic results. Wait until you are out of a construction zone and in an area where you can pull over safely to do anything that may distract you while driving. 

Merge into the Proper Lane

When approaching a construction zone, you may see a sign about merging into a different lane. It’s important to merge into the proper lane as soon as possible. Although you may want to stay in the lane to pass other cars, doing so might put yourself and others in danger. Plus, you likely won’t be saving yourself much time. 

Follow Instructions from Traffic Control Flaggers

Traffic Control Flaggers work on construction sites for a reason – to make sure you pass through a construction zone safely. Their job is to communicate the right information with the right drivers at the right time. Following their instructions keeps construction areas safe for drivers and workers, relieves congestion, and keeps the flow of traffic moving with as few delays as possible. 

Know Before You Go

Before leaving your house, check for road work information on websites like 511nl.ca, Transportation and Infrastructure NL, or keep up with the #nltraffic tag on Twitter. This will help you understand what construction or traffic delays you may encounter, alternative routes that may be available, and allow you to plan accordingly.

Expect the Unexpected

It’s always important to expect the unexpected when you’re behind the wheel. This is especially true for driving through construction zones. Workers, work vehicles, or equipment may enter your lane without warning, which is why it’s so important to be cautious of your surroundings. Be prepared to react quickly and safely to those driving and working around you. 

Maintaining our roads is essential. While travelling through construction zones may be taxing, the long term benefits ensure safer, easier, and more efficient future travel for all. 

Plus, your rims will thank you later.