Safety for Bicylcists on the Road

Top 10 Road Saftey Tips for Cyclists and Drivers – Summer 2021

Summer is here (weather excluded) and that means more bicycles on the streets. Whether your cruising on four wheels or two, everyone has a responsibility in sharing the roads. Check out our top 10 tips for drivers and cyclists and stay safe out there!

For Drivers

Treat a bike like a car. A bicycle is a vehicle after all – just with way fewer safety features. So it’s up to drivers to respect this and use extra caution when sharing the road. 

Check, check, and check again when stopping. Check your blindspot and check your mirrors when pulling over and parking. Check again before opening your door. Getting doored is one of a cyclist’s worst nightmares. 

Know the rules of the road. And of intersections, when many serious accidents happen. It’s important to pay extra attention when navigating intersections with cyclists. 

Only pass a bicycle when it’s safe. When passing, leave as much space between you and a cyclist as you can. Make sure road and traffic conditions are safe before making the pass. Check over your shoulder before moving back.

Be extra careful around kids. Children are often unpredictable, which can be dangerous when riding a bike. Always slow down in an area where children may be riding bikes.

For Cyclists 

Make yourself seen.  In low light conditions use a white front light and a red rear light. Wear bright clothing and use a reflector or reflective tape.

Be a rule follower. The same laws that apply to motorists apply to cyclists. Obey all lights and signs, and use hand signals to indicate stops and turns.

Go with the flow. Always ride in the same direction as traffic. Use the furthest right lane that heads to your destination. Slower-moving cyclists and motorists stay to the right.

Ride defensively. Assume every driver is distracted. Be predictable. And if you sense a potentially dangerous situation, try to look a driver in the eye to make sure they see you. 

Protect your noggin. Always. Wear. Your. Helmet. Whether you’re going across the street or taking a mile-long ride, it could save your life. 

As a driver, you should make sure you have enough personal liability insurance in case the worst happens. Review your policy or talk to an advisor to make sure you’re covered.