Securing Your Property For Winter

As winter approaches, so do storms and nasty weather. While an outdoor patio is great in the summer and fall, these areas become a liability risk as the weather quickly changes. Make sure you secure the outside of your home before winter sets in. Here are a few important points to get you started:

  1. Ensure that all outdoor furniture is either secured as to not blow away, or stored somewhere safe, like your garage. This includes lawn decor, BBQs, and swing sets.
  2. When you’re storing all your summer items, you might notice your garage is getting quite cluttered. Fall is a great time to clear out your garage of unwanted items before you start storing your summer things.
  3. Since your garage is more cluttered than usual, look around and make certain there isn’t anything flammable or dangerous lying around.
  4. Move your fall and winter gear – such as rakes and shovels – to the front of your garage for easy access.
  5. Take preventive measures to avoid people tripping or falling on already shaky ground. Check patio stones or deck boards to make sure they are smooth and not loose or coming up.
  6. To keep things extra safe, cover surfaces like stairs or landings with weather proof treads that are not slippery in cold temperatures.
  7. Check all your outdoor lighting. Not only does a well-lit home deter thieves, it will also prevent people from falling and injuring themselves on your property as daylight becomes less and less.
  8. It’s never too early to start getting ready – pick up some bags of salt to have ready when snowfall unexpectedly hits.