Safety Goes With Christmas Lights

There is nothing like the warm glow of little lights on a cold December night but if some very simple guidelines are not followed, these colourful gems can actually lead to an electrical fire.

Keeping wiring in good condition is key to Christmas light safety. Discard all cords and plugs that are worn or frayed. Never use outlets or cords that have exposed wires. Running extension cords under carpets or through high traffic areas where they could get damaged is also not a good idea. Be sure to take down lights when the holiday season ends because long exposure to weather can damage wiring. Christmas lights are meant to be temporary, and lights left up for months can spell unwanted trouble.

Always tape cords to walls or floors when necessary; nails and staples can pierce cords. Clips and hooks for lights are a good idea. They are readily available, and are inexpensive.

And remember:

  • Use Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certified light sets.
  • Use a quality power bar with an internal circuit breaker, which will trip if over loaded.
  • There should be only one power bar per single duplex electrical outlet.
  • Water your tree daily. A dry tree ignites more easily than a green tree.

Now here are some more DOs. Do keep safety in mind. Do have a wonderful and safe holiday season. Do enjoy all the friendship and warmth that the season brings.

Have a safe holiday season!