Long Weekend Driving Tips

It’s the long weekend – you’re excited. We get it. We are too. Camping, fires, friends; what more could you really ask for? Not much. So go! We say, have fun, enjoy your long weekend! However, we are going to remind you about safe practices when driving on the long weekend (yeah we know, boring! But necessary. Think of us like your vehicle guardian angel).

So you’ve decided where to go, what to do when you get there, and more importantly, when you will leave. If you work 9-5 on today, you will probably leave for your long weekend trip during rush-hour. This slow-moving traffic, combined with it being a long weekend, can make drivers anxious. While it can be very annoying to have to sit and wait in traffic, it doesn’t mean you should become aggressive in your driving. Relax! Take it all in, chat to your trip-mates, listen to music really loud, or an interesting podcast. The more relaxed drivers stay, the safer the roads will be. Realistically, the time you save by passing other motorists is most likely not worth the risk involved.

To that end, if you tend to find high volume traffic to be stressful, try leaving today a little earlier, or later, than the bulk of other people. If this isn’t an option for you, take some time before leaving to remind yourself that traffic will be stressful, so to remember to stay calm.

Before you hit the highway, it’s a great idea to take a few minutes to ensure your vehicle is road-ready. If you’re packing a lot of gear, make sure there isn’t anything blocking your back window, or any mirrors. As well, check your tire pressure – if your car is packed to its limit, inflate your tires to the recommended pressure for heavier car loads. Be sure to also check your brake fluid, oil, and windshield washer levels before starting your trip.

Lastly, don’t let yourself become distracted. We’re talking about cell phones here. Do not text, call, read, or generally look away from the road at all, while driving.

Okay that’s it – we’re done! Get on the road and enjoy your May 2-4 long weekend.