Dreaming of a White Sand Christmas?

For tens of thousands of Canadians, the snowy season is the time to head for the sunny south! Before you pack your sandals and passports, however, there are some important insurance considerations every Snowbird should keep in mind.

Home Insurance – While you are away, it is essential to maintain adequate home insurance against threats such as fire, burglary, theft, and third party accidents. Remember, as well, that during the regular heating season while you’re away, you must have someone periodically visit your property, to ensure all is well. Consult your individual policy to determine how often these ‘check-ups’ must take place. Steers’ personable, experienced representatives are happy to respond to any questions and concerns you may have with regard to your extended absence. We will work with you to help ensure your property is covered while you’re enjoying your home-away-from-home.

Travel Medical Insurance – Because MCP provides only minimal coverage for those travelling abroad, every Snowbird should consider purchasing additional medical insurance to cover unexpected illness or injury. Steer’s Medi-Select Advantage is an exceptional travel insurance product that can cover the many things MCP doesn’t. Things like:

  • Hospitalization and Doctor’s Fees
  • Ground and Air Ambulance Service
  • Private Nursing Care
  • Lab and X-ray Costs
  • New Prescriptions (30 day supply)
  • Dental accidents
  • Exclusive Access to our Doctor-On-Call Service
  • Emergency Physician Home Visits
  • And much more

So, enjoy your south-bound winter, secure in the knowledge that you’re covered for every emergency. And when the winter weather has passed and you’re back home again, drop in to see us. We’ll be here – just as we’ve always been – with the rock-solid protection you’ve always known us for.