Choosing the Right Pet Insurance

From Pets Plus Us

Having a dog in your life is an exciting adventure! Between training, pet-proofing your home, and integrating your new pet into your lifestyle, it can be both exhilarating and exhausting. One stress you want to avoid is unexpected vet bills. While accidents do happen, 70% of vet visits are illness-related.

A pet insurance policy is a way to help you avoid unexpected costs. It can provide peace of mind knowing that,
should your pet get ill or have an accident, you can focus on the right medical attention rather than a big hit to
your budget.

At Pets Plus Us, we have a variety of policy options to fit your needs and budget. Our coverage and fees are
flexible, so that you can decide what fits your needs the best. Some features of our insurance include:

  • Guaranteed 4life – once you’re enrolled for coverage, your benefits are guaranteed to renew each year, for your pet’s life.
  • No breed exclusion– we cover every breed, and health conditions associated with the breed (so long as they aren’t pre-existing when your coverage starts).
  • We’re honest about what’s covered – we look at your pet’s health records before you enroll so that we can be very clear about what’s covered, and what’s not. We don’t want you having any surprises later on.
  • An annual deductible – once you’ve paid the deductible in full in a year, you won’t have to pay it again. Even if you have another claim. If you don’t have a claim in the year, you don’t pay the deductible.
  • Coverage at any age – no pet is too old for coverage. Though we do recommend starting your policy as early as possible – because there will likely be fewer pre-existing conditions.

Our comprehensive plan covers illness, accidents, hospitalization, surgery, hereditary conditions, diagnostics,
prescription medications, alternative therapies, and behavioral therapies. We also include other special benefits,
such as: boarding costs should you be hospitalized and unable to take care of your pet; and holiday trip
cancellation if your pet has a medical emergency.

Our goal is to help provide peace of mind to pet parents. We’re a company of pet lovers and we love speaking
with pet parents about their furry family members