Driver being handed car keys

Can someone from out of town drive my car?

Looking forward to friends and family coming to visit this summer?! Us too. One of the big questions you might have when you have someone from out of town visiting you is if it is okay for that person to drive your car.

Generally, when you lend your vehicle to another person, as long as they hold a valid driver’s license, they will be covered under your insurance policy. Of course, this also means that should the person cause an accident in your car, it is your premiums that are affected.

If you’re going to lend your car to someone who is visiting from out of town, it is not necessary to name that person on your policy. Further, you cannot regularly let someone borrow your vehicle without naming them on your policy. If someone you know borrows your car regularly but is not a full-time driver of it, add them to your policy as an occasional driver.

Lastly, you’ll want to ensure that the driver has proof of driving eligibility in the area where you live. If they have a driver’s license but didn’t take their card with them, perhaps consider giving them a ride instead.

For more information on letting an out-of-town visitor use your vehicle, contact your local Steers rep.

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