Be Prepared: Hurricane and Storm Season

Here in Atlantic Canada, the last days of summer are a sign that a new storm season is ready to begin, and hurricanes can be occasional yet unpredictable visitors. That’s why it’s so important to know how to prepare if hurricane weather is expected in your area.

We’ve created a few checklists to help ensure your family, your home, and your vehicles are ready for any storm Mother Nature sends our way.

Preparing Your Home

  • Clear your property: Secure your lawn furniture, BBQ, propane tanks, and anything else that could get blown around.
  • Get ready to unplug: If you spot any flooding or loose/dangling power lines, immediately unplug your appliances, and turn your power off.
  • Assemble an emergency kit: Make sure you have a three-day supply of water and food, plus any unique items like prescription medications, baby food and pet food your household will need.
  • Non-perishables: Stock up on canned goods, dry mixes and other staples that can be prepared in a power outage.
  • Cover your windows & doors: If the experts are calling for a record-breaker, use storm shutters or plywood to secure your windows and prevent any injuries from broken glass.

Preparing Your Car

  • Fill your tank: Make sure your vehicle has a full tank of gas so you can quickly leave if you receive an evacuation order from local authorities.
  • Park somewhere safe: If possible, park your vehicle in a garage. Otherwise, move your vehicle away from trees, power lines, and anything else that could fall and cause damage.
  • Emergency kit to-go: Put an emergency kit in your trunk in case you need to leave your home in a hurry. If you’re not sure what to include, check out our list of emergency essentials.

Watch for updates

When a large storm is approaching, conditions can change by the minute. Stay tuned to your local radio and news outlets and regularly check the social media feeds of emergency officials.

Know the lingo

Be sure to refamiliarize yourself with the terms used by news outlets and local authorities. Knowing the difference between a hurricane watch and hurricane warning will lower your stress and help you make informed decisions.

Hurricane watch

A hurricane is possible in a particular area. Hurricane watches are typically announced 48 hours before the onset of high winds and other strong weather patterns.

Hurricane warning

A hurricane is expected in a particular area. Hurricane warnings are typically announced 36 hours before high winds and other strong weather conditions are expected.

At Steers Insurance, we care about you and your family’s safety. So be sure to use the checklists above, stay informed, and listen to the experts. Don’t worry – you’ve got this.