August is National Traffic Awareness Month

Driving on the road can be dangerous in any condition, for many reasons. Ensure your road safety with these helpful tips:

  • Children
    Children can be unpredictable. It’s best to take extra caution outside schools, near bus stops, and playgrounds.
  • Anticipate
    Me mindful of others on the road, and remember to check your mirrors regularly.
  • Ensure everyone is buckled up
    In a collision, an unbelted passenger can kill or seriously injure both the individual and others in the car.
  • Car seats
    If you have a baby or small child, a car seat is ALWAYS necessary. Ensure the seat is properly installed in the car before leaving.
  • Walk safely
    When possible, always use a crosswalk when needing to cross a street. If it is night time or the conditions are poor, wear reflective clothing so drivers can more easily see you.
  • Do not speed
    At 55 km/h, you are twice as likely to kill a pedestrian as at 50 km/h.
  • Keep your distance
    Always keep a two second gap between you and the car in front of you on a normal road, and three seconds on a highway.
  • Keep your phone away when driving
    Any use of your cellular device is prohibited, and distracts you from the road. This is one of the most preventable causes of traffic accidents