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At Steers Insurance Limited we are Insurance Brokers. That means we work for you to get the best coverage at the best possible price.

Only your Broker can offer you:

  • Quick access to the best policies from the major insurance companies;
  • Impartial advice on the coverage that’s right for your needs;
  • The most advantageous terms available in the marketplace;
  • Assistance with fast and satisfactory settlement of your claim.

How Your Brokers Work

When you buy through an Insurance Broker, you are using the services of qualified professionals, like those at Steers Insurance Limited. We operate independently of any insurance company, solely on behalf of you, our customer.

Steers has access to an extensive range of policies offered by many of the major property and casualty insurance companies, including:

We are able to access the many policy alternatives currently available in the insurance marketplace. Then, guided by your special insurance requirements, we select the coverage that’s right for you at a price that suits your budget.

Our Local Experts Will Save You Money and Time